Nutrition Coaching

Studies consistently show that people achieve their fitness, nutritional, and life goals best when a personal trainer or coach is involved. Search and select from our directory of certified coaches and take your first step towards eating well and living well!

Services offered by our coaches may include:

121 Personal Nutrition Training1-2-1 truly empowers you by teaching the fundamentals of food, instead of providing a calorie counting protocol.  Coaching sessions may be local or virtual, allowing you to receive personal training without leaving the comfort of your own home!  (An instruction guide, including recipes is provided.)

Pantry RaidNeed help in identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly foods that may be lurking in your refrigerator and pantry?  Schedule a Pantry Raid with your local coach and clear those dietary culprits out once and for all.  This hands-on, educational session is a perfect complement to the 1-2-1 program.

Grocery TourLearning "what" to eat is one thing, but learning "how to shop for it" is a completely different matter?  Coaches offer guided grocery store tours in their local area as a follow-up to the 1-2-1 program.

Profile PlanLosing weight involves much more than eating the right foods.  The secret to attacking fat relies on eating well-balanced meals whereby your portions match your unique metabolism or metabolic profile.  The patented TymPlates® Nutrition System ensures that you do just that!  Included is the ProfilePlan, a supplemental protocol designed to support you in reducing body fat and keeping it off for good!

Dump The JunkWe all absorb toxins through the air, water and food.  However, a toxic body blocks weight-loss and causes disease.  Learn how to dump the junk by participating in this 4-week guided detoxification program.  The program includes a 1-week digestive cleanse and a 3-week liver cleanse.

Deficiency TestingDid you know that nutritional deficiencies are a root cause of disease?  Unfortunately, our food supply does not provide enough of what we need and use of supplements in essential in this day and age.  But how do you know what to take?  Why guess, when you can test?

Our in-home, test kits utilize a urine sample and a finger-prick blood spot to determine what your body may be lacking.  Upon lab analysis, the laboratory provides a customized supplement plan to help to bring your nutritional levels up to par!

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